School Clubs

To The Editors of The CRIMSON:--

Something very similar to the much-heralded "Harvard indifference" has shown itself in the last year or so in the attitude of the undergraduate with regard to schools. While a number of alumni have been hustling about trying to solve the reason for lack of interest in Harvard at this or that school, the average undergraduate, who more than anyone else can further a better, understanding between Harvard and the students of his school, sits back and does nothing. It would seem advisable, therefore, to form an Association of School, Clubs.

An Association of School Clubs would encourage the existing, though now dormant school clubs to meet and organize, and would lead to the formation of additional clubs. It would make certain that members of those clubs keep in touch with the Freshmen from their schools,--which would, I believe, be more effective than the present Senior- Adviser system. Such a plan would establish a more systematic method of presenting Harvard to the schools, and clear up misunderstandings by explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of coming here.

Active school clubs, with the purpose in view of helping sub-Freshmen and of strengthening the bonds between Harvard and the schools, could not be accused of proselyting; nor is there any necessity for such an organization to use the same measures as are employed at Princeton. That some such organization is needed, however, is evidenced by the supineness of the school clubs now in existence. THOMAS S. LAMONT '21. March 31, 1921.