University Men Defeat Yale; Lose to Columbia and Navy Foilsmen--Team Elects Burke Boyce as Captain; G. S. Barss Chosen Manager

The University team finished third, Columbia and Navy winning first and second places respectively, in the Intercollegiate Fencing Tournament held at the Hotel Astor, New York City, on Friday and Saturday. The Crimson fencers with 26 points to their credit finished only 6 points behind the Columbia team and 3 behind the Annapolis, and redeemed themselves by defeating Yale 5-4 in their match with the New Haven foilsmen. Other successes registered by the University fencers were Captain S. H. Ordway's '21 individual victories over Becker of the Navy and Bencoe of Columbia; and J. K. Watson's '23 winning of second place in the Clemens Medal Novice Competition.

Captain Ordway, although not winning enough bouts to qualify for the foils championship defeated Becker 10-6, who at the end of the tournament was declared intercollegiate champion; while Bencoe, second only to the latter, also succumbed to the Crimson captain in his individual match with him. Ordway was the only fencer who defeated either of these men. Watson, with a field of twenty-five against him, surprised and defeated with excellent headwork all his opponents except Grandfield of the Navy, who secured first place.

Of the other Crimson competitors Burke Boyce '22 displayed the most skill with W. R. Brewster a close second. In the epee bouts Boyce won over Ordway and played an important part in Yale's defeat. J. S. Barss '22 and S. S. Kurtz '21 completed the Crimson line-up.

At the end of the Tournament Burke Boyce '22, of New York City, was elected captain of the fencing team for next year. Boyce has had less experience than most of the other University foilsmen, having joined the squad for the first time last fall, but since that time has proved himself to be a steady performer in the foil and epee events. John Sedgwick Barss '22, of Windsor, Conn., was reelected manager, and John King Watson '23, of Rockaway, N. J., was chosen assistant manager