Positions for Seniors and Recent Graduates Now Open With Four-Year Contract-Candidates Will Be Given Training at Chicago Summer School

For Seniors and recent graduates who have demonstrated, in their College career, potential qualities of leadership, pleasant personalities, and social vision the Community Service, Inc., offers a four-year contract at a salary of $1800 for the first year, with an automatic increase of $200 for each succeeding year Men with the proper qualifications will be sent to the summer school in Chicago for an intensive but rather comprehensive course of three or four weeks, which should fit them to serve as community organizers. At the composition of this course they will be sent into some community in order to organize the work there or to act as assistant to the one there.

The program of work consists in organizing community singing, dramatics, pageantry and recreation centers which are social and intellectual gathering places quite as much as physical recreation centers. The Community Organizers will have to stimulate and direct the raising of funds in a community in order that the work which they will organize during the three months period may be put on a permanent basis.

Mr. J. W. Adams '04, director of the personnel of the Community Service, will be in Cambridge not later than April 15 to confer with those men who are interested.