Eight Hundred Students Expected to Attend Thirty-Sixth Annual College Conference--Class Committees Appointed to Canvass University

About eight hundred delegates from sixty colleges in New England and the Middle Atlantic States will attend the Thirty Sixth Annual Conference to be held at Silver Bay from June 24 to July 3. This conference was changed from Northfield to Silver Bay last year because of the advantages the latter has with its seventy buildings, athletic grounds, and beautiful location on Lake George which is in that district known as "the "Switzerland of America" because of its scenery. The object of the conference is to discuss social, religious and economic problems of the day. A series of lectures will be given by men who are expert in these fields.

The afternoons during the conference will be devoted to athletic contests, which will be held between the delegations in tennis, track, swimming and baseball. Through these the men from different colleges become acquainted and have an opportunity to find out what is being done at other colleges in all phases of work. A Vaudeville show will be given during the conference in which each delegation will perform a stunt and sing one of their songs. The Preparatory School Conference will be held near by at the same time and its members will have supper on one night of the conference with the delegations from the colleges which they expect to go to.

An effort is being made to have the University represented by a large delegation and the following committees have been appointed to canvass their classes and report the names of those interested to the Phillips Brooks House:

1921 -- H. MacFadden, E. A. Weld, H. D. White, H. B. Davis, J. N. White, J. R. Shepler, K. Campbell, A. W. Douglass, W. F. Goodwell

1922.--R. Chute, R. B. Smith, D. Hall, C. C. Macomber, J. F. Stearns, P. S. Parker, W. G. Brocker, J. S. Barss, K. R. Groener, E. D. Hutchinson, G. V. Smith, G. S. Morse

1923.--P. E. Wilson, J. R. Flather, W. C. Bennett, R. F. Brander, M. P. Lichaueo, G. G. Benedict, C. H. Hawes, B. DeL. Nash, K. B. Lucas, H. P. U. Harris.

1924.--R. S. Hubbard, A. J. Byington, J. U. Harris, C. S. Van Rensselaer, R. H. Sears, L. B. Lockwood, Corliss Lamont, J. McK. Kimball, F. A. O. Schwarz.

Foreign Students.--J. V. Manach, L. J. Castillejo, T. L. Hsi, Y. Fujita.