What Is Going On Today

8.45.--Daily Chapel: The Reverend Edward Caldwell Moore will conduct services.

9.11.--Office hours in the study of Wadsworth House for preacher conducting services.

2.00.--University Tennis Tournament at Jarvis Field.

3.30.--Williams vs. Harvard, tennis, at Divinity Courts.

4.00.--University of Pennsylvania vs. Harvard, lacrosse, Soldiers Field.

4.30.--Meeting of Faculty of Divinity School in Faculty Room, Divinity Library.

4.55.--Harvard Zoologieal Club: Accounts of experiments by students. Zoological Laboratory, Room 46.

7.30.--L. J. Castillijo to speak to the Cosmopositan Club at the Phillips Brooks House.

8.00.--Pierian Sodality concert at South Braintree.

8.00.--Astronomical Observatory. "Variable Stars" by Dr. Harlow Shaply. Building A. Concord Ave.

8.15.--Hasty Pudding Show at the Plymouth Theatre, Boston.

8.15.--"A Trial by Jury" at Radcliffe. (Glee Club).