Undefeated Freshman Nine Will Play at Newton Today-Comparative Scores Indicate Crimson Victory

The so far victorious Freshman nine will meet the Allen Military Academy team on the latter's home grounds at Newton this afternoon. This is the fourth scheduled game for the yearling team, but one that should not seriously threaten their unbeaten record. Allen has played three opponents this season, tying one, losing to another, and defeating the third. The school that trimmed them was St. Mark's, whose nine the Freshmen toppled last Monday by 5 runs to 2. Thus, whatever can be deduced from comparative scores is decidedly in favor of the yearlings.

Allen School, however, has a hard-hitting aggregation, Jackson, Powell and Cartaya being especially skilled in this line and reputed to have the habit of gathering extra bases. Jackson also covers a large amount of ground at his position of shortstop, and Cartaya is a wide awake catcher.

For the Freshman team. Lewis Gordon has proved the most consistent hitter, while L. C. Larrabee and A. S. Rogers have at times shown power. K. N. Hill is easily the first choice for pitcher, despite E. L. Gehrke's good work yesterday, and he is well supported by L. C. Larrabee behind the bat whose catching and throwing to bases has been motable. all season. R. g. Norris, whose batting in the St. Mark's game showed marked improvement, is reasonably sure of his position on first, and F. S. Hill, who gave much promise last Monday, will have the call over R. M. Clough at second. The other positions have not changed almost since the season started.

The line-ups:

1924.--C., L. C. Larrabee; P., K. N. Hill; 1b., R. G. Norris; 2b., F. S. Hill; 3b., T. M. Carnegle; s.s., Percy Jenkins; l.f., A. S. Rogers; c.f., Lewis Gordon; r.f., R. C. Mann.

Allen.--C., Cartaya; p., Powell ;1b., Smith; 2b., Wagenfield; 3b., St. Amant; s.s., Jackson; l.f., Sara; c.f., Teeher; r.f., Diougiro