Goode to Take Mound for Crimson -- Today's Game Last Before Yale Series -- Emmons to Start

HARVARD  TUFTS Lincoln, 3b.  3b., Fallon Emmons, 2b.  2b., Loud Conlon, s.s.  c., Callahan Owen, 1b.  r.f., Weafer Murphy, c.  s.s., White, Colucci Hallock, c.f.  l.f., Finnegan Janin, l.f.  c.f., Roche Crocker, r.f.  1b., Kirshstein Goode, Bigelow, p.  p., Morrell

As the Tufts diamond in Medford is only a short ride from the University, undergraduates will have an opportunity to see the Crimson nine in its last game before the Yale series. To get to the field take a North Cambridge car, get off at the car barns, and proceed up Cameron Avenue to the field.

In its final game before the Yale series, the University baseball nine will face Tufts College this afternoon at 3 o'clock in Medford. The game will be an event in the Tufts Commencement week program, and according to comparative scores of the two teams promises to be a tight one, provided that both teams play up to the style of which they are capable. Both have shown a tendency to play in-and-out baseball.

In proportion of games won to games played. Tufts has made the better record this spring, having lost only five of its seventeen games. Last Saturday Brown was added to the string of victories by the score of 6-1; the University's defeat by Brown was administered on an off-day for the Crimson players. Yale easily defeated Tufts 6-1 on June 8, and Princeton, in an early season game, barely pulled out ahead of the Medford team 5-4, in twelve innings. On April 14 Tufts completely outplayed Fordham, winning 6-2, but against the high grade Holy Cross team, on May 7, Tufts managed to hit safely but twice, and lost 12-1.

Morrell on Mound Against Crimson

Morrell will probably be the choice to pitch against the Crimson, since he has been unusually affective in several games, although off form in others. Against M. A. C. he pitched a sensational no-hit, no-run, no-reach victory, 11-0. Among his other victims are Fordham. Wesleyan, Bowdoin, and Brown. If the need presents itself, Colucci will step in for mound duty. On the offensive, Loud and White are dangerous base runners, and Kirshstein, though rather clumsy and slow, is a heavy hitter. Weafer is the most dependable batsman.

It is expected that Goode will start the game today, but he will not on any account pitch over half the game, for his efforts will be needed in full force for the opening game with Yale on Tuesday. Coach Slattery believes Tufts will be a difficult aggregation to beat. In reserve he will have Russell and Hobbs, the latter of whom made an unexpectedly good showing against Fordham as a relief pitcher. He may get a chance against the Blue Captain Emmons will start at second, but should his ankle prove too weak, he will retire in favor of Buell.