Training Tables Established--Freshmen Entered in Six Contests -- First Appearance Against Boston High Schools on January 28

With the establishment of training tables and the revised attendance periods, Winter track is fairly well under way. Practice is being held daily, regardless of weather and the ever increasing number of candidates, totalling 165 to date, has furnished the coaches with an ample quantity of material from which to mould a team for the opening contest with Millrose at New York on February 1.

The Freshman schedule has been approved and calls for an unusually hard list of six tests, including the entrance of teams in both the Triangular Meet with Dartmouth and Cornell and for the Indoor Intercollegiates at New York on March 11.

The opening feature is the Triangular Meet on January 28 with Boston Latin and English High schools. Owing to the earliness of the date none of the three squads is liable to be at its best, but great interest is being shown in the event because of the rivalry between the two Boston schools. The meet which is to be held at Soldiers Field, will include the following events: 45-yard low hurdles, 300-yard dash, 600-yard run, 1000-yard and mile runs, 25-pound shot put, high jump, and relay race, each man running 390 yards.