Scrimmage at Arena Results in 1-1 Tie--Yearling Sextet Counteracts Speedy Individual Work of Engineers by Good Team-Play

The Freshman hockey team held the M. I. T. sextet to a 1-1 tie in a long and spirited scrimmage yesterday afternoon at the Arena. The yearlings displayed a well-organized attack which was able to take the experienced M. I. T. combination by surprise at the opening whistle. The Engineers, however, soon got their stride and their superior speed was able to break up the 1925 team-work.

The game started with a sudden attack upon the Engineers's territory and it was several minutes before the Technology skaters were able to get it under control. Taylor, the speedy M. I. T. left wing, retaliated with several individual attacks upon the Freshman cage. For ten minutes neither team was able to manoeuver into an advantageous position, but at last the yearling defence broke and the Engineers threatened their goal with several well directed shots which were stopped only by the alertness of Cantillon. A few minutes later, however, MacNell recovered the puck from a scramble and made the first tally for Technology.

The Freshman come-back was not immediate, for it was only after a taxing scrimmage that the smoothly-working offensive line was able to get the advantage over the speedy individual work of their opponents. Gibb made that advantage count with a neat drive from a difficult angle just five minutes before the close of the scrimmage.