C. C. Buell '23, George Owen Jr. '23 and J. G. Flint '23 Chosen to Represent Undergraduates--Dean Briggs Re-appointed Chairman

The Governing Boards of the University have appointed the following men as members of the Athletic Committee for the current year, which is in charge of the regulation of sports at the University.

Representing the Faculty: Dean Briggs, Chairman; Dean Greenough, and Dr. Roger I. Lee '02.

Representing the graduates: Mr. Henry Pennypacker '88, chairman of the Committee on Admission; Mr. B. Loring Young '07, speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives; and H. H. Faxon 2M., first marshal of his class during his senior year.

Representing the undergraduates: Charles Chauncey Buell '23 of Hartford, Conn., captain of the football team; George Owen Jr. '23 of Newton, captain of the baseball and hockey teams; and John Gardiner Flint '23 of Boston, president of the Senior class.

The undergraduate members were selected by the captains and managers of the athletic teams and approved by the Governing Boards. Owen served last year; Buell and Flint are on the committee for the first time. The faculty and graduate members all served last year and have been reappointed.