Large Number on Advanced Subjects Start Today or Tomorrow--Almost All Require Consent of Instructor--Students Must Attend First Meetings

All students are required to attend the first meetings of their courses today. A considerable number of advanced courses are scheduled to begin today or tomorrow completing the first meetings of courses held in the first half year. The first meeting of English D will be held tomorrow in Sever 35 at 1.05 o'clock. A detailed description of the courses is contained in the pamphlet "Announcement of the Courses of Instruction", second edition, September, 1922, which was distributed at the places of registration and which is now to be had at 4 University Hall.

An asterisk after the number of the course indicates that undergraduates must receive the consent or recommendation of the instructor in order to elect it.

Prescribed Studies

The first meeting of English D will be held Tuesday, Oct. 3 in Sever 35' at 1.05 P. M.

Elective Studies

For all courses of research for which no hours are stated students should consult the Instructors.

The list of first meetings is as follows: Classical Philoligy 30*, Mon. at 9 in Widener D.

Classical Philology Seminary*, Mon. at 4.30, Widener C.

Comparative Literature 35*, Tues. at 2.30, Sever 1.

Economics Seminary*, Mon. at 7.30 P. M., Widener U.


For hours and Rooms for Mining Courses consult Professor Raymer in Rotch Building.

English F, Mon. at '11.30, Warren House 24.

Greek 3 hf, Tues. at 2.30, Sever 26.

Greek 7 hf, Tues. at 2.30, Sever 14.