Five Crimson Regulars and Seven Substitutes Will Graduate--Tiger Squad Will be Reduced by Eleven

Both the University and Princeton elevens will be materially weakened by graduation of veterans next spring. The Crimson team will lose five regulars and seven substitutes from its squad of 41 men. Of these three are regular backfield players. Princeton likewise will be heavily hit by the loss of six regulars and five substitutes from their squad of 37 players. Two of the regulars are backfield men.

The players who graduate from the University next spring are as follows: Regulars C. C. Buell, quarterback; Vinton Chapin, back; H. W. Clark, center; J. M. Hartley, end; George Owen, back. Substitutes--W. H. Churchill, back; P. F. Coburn, back; R. W. Fitts, end; P. B. Kunhardt, guard; W. V. Miller, tackle; Francis Rouillard, back; G. W. Tower, tackle.

Princeton will lose the following: Regulars--O. P. Alford, center; H. F. Baker, tackle; J. B. Cleaves, back; M. P. Dickenson, guard; J. P. Gorman, quarterback; H. K. Gray, end. Substitutes P. C. Beattle, back; L. M. Bergen, back; T. S. Gaines, end; F. M. Howard, guard; Ralph Stinson, back.