Will Use 631 Men and Same Color Scheme as Last Year

It has been the custom for many years to form an "H" in the cheering sections whenever the Princeton or Yale game is played in the Stadium. This custom will be followed this afternoon: Every ticket for the University cheering sections calls for either a crimson or a white handkerchiefs with which the holder is expected to provide himself. The "H" will be made between the halves, during the singing of the "Marseillaise".

Every man with a seat in the cheering section whose ticket is marked "red handkerchief" should obtain one at the H. A. A. where they will be issued free of charge.

It was found last year that a crimson "H" on a white background was more effective than a white "H" with crimson background as had always been employed before, and, therefore, the same color scheme will be used again this year. There will be 224 men in the crimson "H" and 387 in the white background. This background includes sections 32 and 33.