Original Models for Setting Will be Handed in at That Time--One Set to be Used Throughout Play--Shows Farmhouse Interior

The competition for the scenic design of the second production of the 47 Workshop, which has been open since last Saturday to all students at the University and Radcliffe College, will close today at 5 o'clock. Before this hour all competitors must submit their original models for the setting, which are to be on one half inch scale and are to have the necessary lighting equipment.

The play, "Catskill Dutch to Her", is the work of R. W. Brink 3G., who is now in the 47 Workshop for his third year, and has written "Down to the River" and several other books. The action, which takes place 15 years ago, is concerned with the Dutch farming people of the Catskill mountains in New York. One set will be used for the entire four acts of the play, and will show the interior of a Catskill farmhouse "stoop", which is a large lean-to built against the side of a house.

This competition has been of especial interest to students in Fine Arts 28, which is a course in stage design given by Professor Arthur Pope '01.