If Justified by Attendance Decision of Audience May be Registered--Judges Not Yet Named

The Juniors will meet the Freshmen in the finals of the interclass debating series tonight at 7.30 in Smith Halls Common Room. The Juniors will maintain the affirmative against the Freshmen's negative, of the proposition, Resolved: "That Harvard should limit intercollegiate football to one annual contest with Yale, supplementing it with the Oxford system of intramural contests". The members of the teams, given in the order in which they will speak, follows:

Juniors.--W. T. Howe, captain; M. S. Silbert, I. G. Bieser.

Freshmen.--H. M. Hart Jr., H. C. Davidson, N. S. Stone, captain.

Each speaker will be allowed eight minutes to deliver his case, and four minutes for rebuttal. J. C. Hover '23 will be the presiding chairman, assisted by three as yet unknown members of one of the graduate schools who will act as judges.

May Take Vote of Audience

The debate will be open to all members of the University, and a good sized audience is expected. If there are enough people present to justify it, the experiment will again be tried of having the audience render a decision on the merits of the case, while the judges decide solely upon the superiority of presentation. The judges decision, however, will be considered as final. This is an attempt to combine the English system of popular vote with the American method of decision by judges on logical presentation, and was innaugurated by the Harvard Debating Council in the preliminary debates last week, with rather interesting results. The audience at the Sophomore-Freshman debate by a ratio of 3 to 1 voted for the affirmative, confirming the unanimous decision of the judges and throwing a wholly unexpected sidelight on student opinion with regard to intercollegiate football. It is in the light of last week's decision that the vote of tonight's audience will be interesting.

The winning team will become champion of the college, and its individual members will be presented with bronze medals by the Harvard Debating Council.