Nathaniel Choate ocC. Submits Winning Design for Fourth Year--Dancing After "Life of Man"

The Harvard Dramatic Club will make a departure this year from its usual line of productions when it presents on the evenings of December 19 and 20 two ancient English Miracle Plays, "The Pageant of the Shearman and Taylors", both from "The Coventry Cycle". These two plays will be supplemented by several scenes from "The Salutation and Conception" from "The Hegge Cycle". All three of these primitive beginnings of the English drama,--dating as they do from a period long before Shakespeare was to give it its upward impetus,--reflect with striking vividness the curious mixture of simple piety and homely humor, of naivette and cunning that went to make up the interesting if illogical mind of the peasant of the time.

To be Given in Germanic Museum

The performances will be given in the Germanic Museum before the great model of the Mediaeval cathedral. The pageantry of the play will follow closely the representations of the Nativity, including the period from Annunciation to the Massacre of the Innocents, found in illuminated manuscripts and mediaeval paintings. O. M. Oenslager '23 will have charge of all settings and scenic effects, assisted by Donald Stralem '24, who will manage the lighting. The whole motif will be brought out on a background of ancient religious music--chants and hymns--by a choir from the Glee Club trained by Dr. A. T. Davison '06.

The performances will be open only to those who attend the coming Dramatic Club production, Andreyev's "Life of Man".

The Dramatic Club further announces that the Poster Design Competition has been won by Nathaniel Choate ocC. of Framingham. This is the fourth time that Choate has won the competition.

It is also announced that there will be dancing after the Cambridge performances of the "Life of Man" on December 12, 14, and 18. The Boston matinee performance this year will be at the Hollis Street Theatre on December 15.