Latter Praises Team's Spirit--Recommends Slogan--Lothrop Withington '11 Third Speaker

Giving the football team one of the greatest ovations in the history of the University, 3200 wildly enthusiastic students packed the Union last night and cheered themselves hoarse to show the team that they will be behind them to a man Saturday. Every available inch of standing room on the floor and in the balcony was filled, and the crowd overflowed into the adjoining hall.

"I can't begin to tell what this enthusiasm means tonight and will mean to the team next Saturday", declared Captain C. C. Buell '23 in response to a thunderous reception which lasted for ten minutes. "The situation this year is similar to that last fall. Keith Kane's team had been defeated twice, and entered the struggle the under dog. What happened? There was a record crowd at the mass meeting, and in the parade to the Stadium. And Saturday not only on the field but in the stands Yale never had a chance".

Coach Fisher said in part: "I am frank to admit that I never saw more pep in a Harvard team than in the practice last Monday. It proved that the team looks ahead rather than behind. Enthusiasm has grown during this week. The team has been defeated twice, by two crackerjack teams, but has no reason to be ashamed.

"Buell is Going to Play"

"Yale will be better Saturday than either Princeton or Brown. But the Harvard team is ready for them. I have been asked whether Buell is going to play. Of course Buell is going to play; how long, I don't know. If he comes out his inspiring leadership will still be with the team. I believe Harvard will prove better than Yale Saturday. The team believes that, I believe it, all the coaches believe it, and your presence tonight shows that you believe it. We have chosen a slogan this week, and the slogan is this: We are going to win".

In his speech, Mr. Lothrop Withington '11 declared he had seen few Harvard teams with greater potential power. He praised the playing of Captain Aldrich last year and the sportsman-like manner in which the defeated Yale men acted.

"This year", he continued, "I want each one of you on leaving New Haven to feel that whether you have won or lost you have acted as a true Harvard man".

Dr. Davison led the enthusiastic singing at the end, accompanied by the band D. F. Thayer '23 presided and led the cheering.