Dr. S. L. Joshi of University of Bombay Will Lecture in Union at 8 o'Clock Tomorrow Night on "New Forces in Old India"--Is Authority on Subject

"New Forces in Old India" will be the title of the lecture which Dr. S. L. Joshi, of the University of Bombay, will deliver at 8 o'clock tomorrow evening in the Living Room of the Union. The lecture will be open only to members of the Union, but members may obtain from the office of the Graduate Manager before 5 o'clock tomorrow afternoon guest cards admitting their friends who are not eligible to membership in the Union.

Has Studied Subject Widely

Dr. Joshi, who is now in this country under the auspices of the trustees of the Carnegie Foundation and of the University of Nebraska, has for many years devoted his time to intensive study of the present economic and political condition of his fellow countrymen. Abroad as well as in India he is regarded as one of the foremost authorities on the relations of the natives with their white rulers.

In the course of his speech Dr. Joshi will touch upon this problem as well as on the many others which now exist in his native land.