Powerful Lines Continually Threaten--Higgins at Goal for University Makes Remarkable Stops

With 48 seconds left to play the Crimson hockey team staged a fighting rally last night at the Arena, sent a tieing goal into the B. A. A. net, and then fought the blue-jerseyed players to a standstill in two thrilling overtime periods which left the score 3 to 3. The final University goal, which came with Coach Claflin's men on the brink of defeat, was made by Crosby after a fierce drive through the B. A. A. defence by himself, Captain Owen, and Martin.

It was a see-sawing game from the very start. The University with Baker scoring jumped into the lead in the opening period. Hutchinson evened the count at the start of the second session, then Martin brought the Crimson to the fore again, while Bright tied the score at the close of this period. Ten minutes of playing in the third session saw the B. A. A. on top for the first time after a tally by Captain Ingalls. Then came the Crimson's greatest effort.

Three times the University men hurled themselves at their opponents' defence only to be turned back when a tally seemed certain. Owen and Crosby were playing well up in the B. A. A. territory at this time and it was these two men, primarily defence players, who shared the major part in the fourth and successful rush down the rink. Martin was there too, helping to carry the puck within shooting distance. The University men took the disc down to within a few feet of the B. A. A. cage, skating in on goal-tender Stillman as the puck rebounded. Then Crosby, a little to the rear nabbed it and shot it by.

Not only did the game see-saw in respect to goals. Two powerful offensives continually went back and forth down the rink, first one threatening, then the other. In the over-time periods this was especially noticeable. Several times the B. A. A. players came within an ace of victory only to lose their chance at the crucial moment and see the puck go back far toward their own goal, and the Crimson offence would barely miss just as good opportunities for scoring. Time and again this very play occurred.

The B. A. A. men were better individually than Coach Claflin's. They also appeared to be in better condition. But the traditional Harvard hockey system, based on team-work and checking back, offset all other disadvantages. In addition there was Higgins. His work at goal was the most surprising feature of the game. He made some of the most remarkable stops that have been seen in the Arena this year. Not only did he fatally stab the long shots from the wings. He kept the B. A. A. from scoring when it seemed impossible to save a tally, now when a blue jerseyed man was alone in front of the cage, now when a close-up shot brought suspense to the Crimson rooters.

The work of Captain Owen, Crosby, and Martin was also indispensable to the Crimson. Owen played his hardest and most spirited game of the season. Crosby's all-important goal tied the score and Martin, though appearing slow at times, had a hand in every Crimson tally. The first University score came as a result of a very pretty piece of team-play by him and Baker, the latter doing the actual scoring. Martin took the leading role in the second Crimson tally, carrying the puck up to and through the B. A. A. defence and giving it the final push which gave it enough momentum barely to slide, flat on the ice, past Stillman. His part in the final goal has been told.

For the B. A. A. Bigelow, Ingalls, and Bright shone. The first-named was bothered by an injury, but played his usual fast and dazzling game. Ingalls was the mainstay of the outer defense as well as the most dependable forward on the attack. Bright proved a thorn in the side of the Crimson attack and did the best individual piece of work of the contest when he dashed the length of the rink, smashed by the University defence, and whipped the B. A. A's second goal past Higgins.

The summary:

HARVARD  B. A. A.Walker, Hill, l.w.  r.w., Bigelow, Percy, EmmonsMartin, Larocque, c.  c., Hutchinson, Bigelow, McCarthyBaker, Larocque, r.w. l.w., Ingalls, RiceOwen, l.d.  r.d., Percy, DotyCrosby, Gratwick, r.d.  l.d., Bright, Doty, HandyHiggins, g.  g., StillmanFIRST PERIODGoals, team, made by  Time1.--Harvard, Baker  2.15SECOND PERIOD2.--B. A. A., Hutchinson  1.173.--Harvard, Martin  8.494.--B. A. A., Bright  13.15THIRD PERIOD5.--B. A. A., Ingalls  10.076.--Harvard, Crosby  14.1