Box Applications Due Wednesday--Rules Covering Them Announced by Committee--Program Designs Also Must be in Wednesday

Application lists for the Junior Dance to be held on March 3, will close this evening. Between 1.30 and 2 o'clock this afternoon the Dance Committee will hold its last office hours for those who have any questions to ask concerning their eligibility to attend the dance. Ticket applications will also be received at this time and any questions concerning the arrangement of boxes will be answered.

Wednesday, February 15, has been designated as the latest date for the filing of box applications. Such applications, for groups of six or 12 couples only, must be typewritten, and contain the names of the members of the class arranged alphabetically on the right-hand side of the paper, with those of their individual guests opposite. Each box group should elect its chairman whose name must appear at the head of their applications.

The competition for the designing of the cover for the dance program, which is open to all members of the class of 1923, will also end on Wednesday. The few requirements as to form have been previously outlined but further details may be obtained from any member of the Dance Committee.