Famous Detective to Tell of His Experiences--Lecture Open Only to Union Members--Has Brilliant Record in Secret Service

Tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock in the Living Room of the Union, Mr. William J. Burns, president of the William J. Burns Detective Agency and chief of the United States Secret Service, will speak informally on his experiences as a detective. This lecture will be open only to members of the Union.

During Mr. Burns' 22 years in the Secret Service he made a brilliant record, conducting many of the most important discoveries of counterfeiters and forgers. He traced the notorious counterfeiters, Taylor and Bredell of Philadelphia, who made the Monroe head hundred-dollar silver certificate, so perfect that government experts declared it genuine. These men and their confederates, 13 in all, were run down by Mr. Burns.

Of his more recent cases, the Wall Street bomb explosion is by far his most famous one. One minute after the explosion occurred, Detective Burns was on the scene with a score of men; he told the reporters at that time it was a plan of the communist government to startle the world. Upon the evidence of witnesses, a composite picture of the man who drove the dynamite wagon was made, but all efforts to locate him were unsuccessful. The Burns Agency is still on the track of the criminals.