Prof. E. B. Wilson '99 Accepts Professorship of Vital Statistics--Dr. S. B. Wolbach '03 Promoted to Shattuck Professorship--Many Other Promotions

Professor E. B. Wilson '99, head of the department of physics at M. I. T., has accepted an appointment as professor of vital statistics at the University, and will serve as a member of the administrative board of the School of Public Health, now being organized. Professor Wilson took the degree of Ph.D. at Yale in 1901, and taught mathematics there until 1907. Since then he has been a professor of mathematics at M. I. T., and in 1917 he was placed in charge of the department of physics.

His associates on the administrative board of the new School of Public Health, recently appointed by the governing boards of the University, will be Dr. D. L. Edsall, Dr. M. J. Rosenau H, '14, Dr. R. I. Lee '02, and Dr. C. K. Drinka.

Another important appointment which has just gone into effect is the promotion of Dr. S. B. Wolbach '03 to the Shattuck professorship of pathological anatomy, which he will assume next September upon the retirement of Dr. W. T. Councllman '99, who has held the position since 1892.

Professor R. H. Lord '06, P. J. Sachs '00, and G. H. Edgell '09 have been promoted from assistant to associate professorships. Mr. E. W. Forbes '95, director of the Fogg Art Museum, has been given the permanent title of Lecturer on Fine Arts. Dr. Edwin J. Cohn has been appointed assistant professor of physiological chemistry at the Medical School. Other appointments include: A. J. Hettinger Jr., to the assistant professorship of business statistics in the Business School; Dr. I. C. Irving '06 to an instructorship of obstetrics; Dr. C. C. Sturgis to an instructorship in medicine; Mr. E. C. Kemble '14 to an instructorship in physics, Dr. K. C. Bowman to an instructorship in psychiatry, and Mr. Niles Carpenter, now an instructor in Social Ethics, to a tutorship in that subject Professor D. G. Lyon, D.D. '01, has been appointed honorary curator of the Semitic Museum.