Teams A and B Hold Six Inning Practice Contest--E. C. Herrmann Jr. Shows Promising Ability in Box

The first Freshman nine showed its worth yesterday afternoon in a six-inning practice game which it won from Team B with considerable ease by the score of seven to two.

E. C. Herrmann Jr., the leading yearling pitcher, held Team B to five scattered hits and struck out seven men. The team A infield backed him up well but failed to show much hitting power.

T. D. Blake 2nd of Team B and R. P. Rose of Team A each had a three-base hit, while R. R. Hepburn and A. D. Hoffman both knocked out two-baggers.

The line-ups follow: Team A  Team B Samborski, c.  c., Straw Herrmann, p.  p., Spalding Kerr, 1b.  1b., Gibb Hammond, 2b.  2b, Blake Mann, ss  ss., Wolper Hodder, 3b.  3b., Banes Burgess, l.f.  l.f., Stevens Rose, c.f.  c.f., Makin Chase, r.f.  r.f., Hoffman

This afternoon at 2 o'clock Coach William Frazer will meet in the cage all the Freshmen who are interested in interdormitory baseball. If a sufficient number turn out, practice will be started at once and a schedule of interdormitory games will be arranged to start immediately after the spring recess.