The Text Book Loan Library is the largest of the four libraries of Phillips Brooks House, the others being the Law Loan Library, the Randall Library and the reading room. Though the collection last spring which brought in about 250 text books and through the contribution of about 200 books which were turned over to the library by Mr. Apted, the college janitor, the Text Book Loan Library has increased to nearly 3000 volumes.

Because of the great call for books during the opening week of the college year the office was kept open three or four hours a day; since then, except at the first of the second term, office hours have been held only for one hour on Mondays by an assistant. During the year approximately 1250 books have been drawn out by 300 students. Books are borrowed from the library on the payment of a small deposite fee, all but five cents of which is returned at the end of the year when the books are turned back. The deposite fees were slightly over $150.

The Law Library is in charge of the Secretary of the Law School Society of the Association. Nearly all of the available books were withdrawn, the deposit totalling $100 at 50 cents per book.

Books on Missions, Social Service, and Religion are contained in the Randall Library. Two card catalogues are kept for reference and although most of the reading is done in the library room, students may withdraw books for two weeks.

The reading room on the second floor of Phillips Brooks House contains copies of the daily papers, current magazines, and the CRIMSON. The room is in almost constant use by students for reading or study.  H. H. REED '23 Libraria