During the summer a letter was mailed to each new man registered at the Medical School, enclosing a rooming list, a map of the region about the school, and an estimate of student expenses prepared by the Medical School Society.

With the opening of school in September the Society maintained an information bureau. Harvard Handbooks and a pamphlet explaining the organization and purposes of the Society were given to the new men and both new and old men were helped in finding rooms. On October 4th the Medical School Society joined with the Students' Association in a reception to the new men, at which the secretary of the Medical School Society outlined the work of the Society and Dr. Harvey Cushing, Professor of Surgery, gave an interesting and practical talk.

A financial campaign was carried out simultaneously in the four classes, with the result that $297 has been paid in for the work of the Society.

On November 15th Dr. Dodd, a Presbyterian missionary from Persia, spoke to about 100 men on "Medicine in Persia." On December 6th a joint meeting of the Dental and Medical School Societies heard Dr. J. H. Vaughn of the Methodist Board speak on "Medicine in China." On March 31st Dr. Richard C. Cabot spoke to a large audience of students on "The Ethics of Medicine," and on April 6th Dr. George E. Vincent of the Rockefeller Foundation will speak on "Modern Medicine in China."

Further activity has centered about social service. In the fall three men each gave an evening examining boys at the Roxbury Neighborhood House to make sure they were physically fit to take part in gymnasium classes. Also a number of men have spoken at the neighborhood houses, taking up subjects including first aid work, common infections and quarantine regulations, and sex hygiene.

The Society has also been able to aid some men in locating employment and has already placed a number of men as camp physicians for the coming summer.

The Society has surely filled a need in Medical School life, however many more things remain to be done. This report would not be complete without a word of appreciation for the cordial co-operation of the Dean's office for their assistance in arranging the room registry and for their aid to students before the information bureau was opened. Finally I wish to thank the members of the student committee, who have been the chief factors in the success of the past year. WALTER S. McCLELLAN 3M., Secretary