Squad of 24 Men Arrived at Hotel Lenox Last Night-Will Probably Hold Final Work-Out This Morning

HARVARD  PRINCETON Lincoln, 3b.  l.f., Mclivaine Gordon, r.f.  2b., MacPhee Conlon, s.s.  c.f., Botting Owen, 1b.  p., Jefferies Jenkins, 2b.  r.f., Townsend Janin, 1.f.  s.s., Berg Hallock, r.f.  1.b., Cooper Murphy, c.  3b., Gotshall Goode, p.  c. Stinson

If the Princeton baseball team is playing in its best form today, the University nine will be forced to the limit when it faces the Tigers on Soldiers Field at 3o'clock this afternoon. The visitors have shown flashes of brilliant playing but at critical moments they have fallen down materially.

A squad of 24 men arrived at the Hotel Lenox at 9 o'clock last night, and this morning they will probably drive out to Soldiers Field to hold a final work-out before the game. The Crimson players had their last practice yesterday afternoon which consisted of a long batting drill followed by some light infield work.

The Orange and Black has lost five college games so far and each time the team was far below standard. Holy Cross had little difficulty in making use of the numerous Tiger errors for a 9-1 victory, while a batting slump was responsible for the loss to Cornell by the score of 5-1. In its last game the Orange and Black barely lost to Dartmouth when the superior hitting of the Green gave them a 4-3 victory.

It is probable that Coach Clark will start Jefferies on mound today, though he has been unable to pitch recently because of a bad arm. Captain McPhee is the outstanding star on the visiting team. He has done consistently good fielding this season and has stood well up on the batting list. McIlvaine, however, is the star batter having scored a triple and a double against the Giants.