1925 Instrumental Clubs to Give Joint Program With Thayer Academy This Evening

The Freshman Instrumental Clubs will give a joint concert with the Thayer Academy this evening at 8 o'clock at West Braintree, Mass.

The Freshman program will be as follows: 1. (a) "Winter Song"  Bullard (b) "To All You Ladies Now on Hand"  Callcott Glee Club. 2. (a) "Veritas"  Densmore (b) "Every Day"  Daly (c) "Stumbling"  Confrey Banjo Club. 3. Solo C. W. Hastings '25. 4. (a) "Serenade"  Herbert (b) "Just a Little Love Song"  Cooper Mandolin Club 5. Specialty 6. (a) "In Picardie"  Osgood (b) Twenty-five Class Song  R. M. Greene '25. (c) Twenty-five Class Hymn  A. M. Sherrill '25. (d) Harvard Anthem, arranged by Samuel T. Gilman 1819.  Glee Club.

The Freshman Instrumental Clubs will present Practically the same program on Saturday evening at the Howard Seminary, West Bridgewater, Mass.