It seems that those College students interested in the "study of cultural matters," such as history and economics, and the "stimulating of liberal opinions on present day subjects," such as labour are going to have ample opportunity this summer to hear and take part in discussions of such themes. The League for Industrial Democracy is planning a short convention at the end of June in the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvanian. While a College camp and a "summer school of liberal opinion." Will follow each other on Nantucket Island and between them all up the months of July. August and September.

Such gatherings as are proposed stamping ground or training areas for the future leaders of the union as some might say, the young ideas are excellent theory. So was the Liberal League convention held at the Union last spring. The similarity appears even greater when we read the list of men who will address those conventions and realise that the speakers as they were on the second day at the Union are all ranged together on the same side of every issue. Finally we league from Publicity articles that "effort will be made to stimulate rater than facts." Rather a starting statement considering the topics to be handled.

In other words, we may expect three series of unrestrained expression. For with undergraduate audience freed from the cheks of hide-bound Universities with speckers dellyered from the threat of refutation, by facts, and with out even two men representing , as didout even two men representating, an did President Eliot and Dean Bridge last yea the broad-minded convervative element, we can be sure that the conferences will enjoy an even more Intoxicating stimulant of hypothesis, hyssteria and self-glrification than at the above mentioned Cambridge convention.

We make this statement because we have noticed the tendency of student liberal clubs throughout the country (with the expception of the University organiztion, which occasionally chastises it self with a non-redical speaker) to scrap all wise conservation; implying that they imbibed it in their cradles, and having after maturer judgment found it useless, have discarded it... Teir error in rgarding conservatism as stationary (if it were there would still be party in ngald fovour fedal dues and maschuesetts legislators constructing pillories), in denying that there is progressive conservatism perpetually teaching a lession. It does not keep us from going foward, but Insists that we go carefully, surely, with full knowledge of facts, past and present, that in the end it will never be necessary to turn back. It is in petulantly disregarding this that the clubs make their mistake. It is in obtaining as preceptors or Inspiratiors men who are grounded in nothing but their own and other's opinions. We feel this word "liberal"to be no guarantee against a muchness of talking with a minimum of thinking. It is from this danger that the summer converations must steer clear. If they consistently do they may be of some benefit: if not and more sounding boards for so much more noise and fury