Cabinet Also Decides to Authorize Mission Committee to Send Two Men to Beirut--Plans for Class Day Spread

At a meeting held last night, the Cabinet of the Phillips Brooks House Association considered a number of plans for its work next summer and fall, proposed by the various committees which have charge of the work of the Association. In addition to this the work of the past month was reviewed.

The most important action taken by the Cabinet was the approval of a plan to establish a daily Bible school in Cambridge with a student of the University as its principal, to remain open for six weeks during the summer vacation. The purpose of this school will be not only to give the children of Cambridge a Bible education, but to prevent them from remaining idle about the streets during the entire summer. This school, when founded, will be one of Approximately 2000 such institutions in the United States and Canada.

The Cabinet also voted to authorize the Mission Committee to send two teachers to the American university at Beirut, Syria. These men, who will be selected later, will be graduates of the University, probably of this year's Senior class.

The regular Class Day spread of the association will be held, as usual, on the afternoon of Class Day, June 20. As in past years, it will be open not only to members of the association, but to all members of the University and their friends.

In addition to this, it was decided to open the information bureau, which the association conducts, two weeks before the beginning of College next fall, as usual. The Cabinet decided that the social service work in the neighborhood of Harvard Square should be broadened and given more scope during the coming year, and that this could best be done through the Cambridge Y. M. C. A. and the Cambridge Social Union.

W. H. Trumbull Jr. '15, whose term of office expired today, was reelected a member of the Graduate Advisory Committee for the coming five years.