Finals to be Held in Courses Offered by Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Engineering School--All Will be Three Hours in Length

Final examinations in the courses offered by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences will start today.

All examinations, unless otherwise specified, will begin at 9.15. They will last three hours; and no student who is not in the examination room within five minutes after the hour appointed for the examination will be admitted without permission of the instructor in general charge of the examination.

The examinations for today and tomorrow are as follows: EXAMINATIONS TODAY Botany 5a  Bot. Mus. 13b Botany 6  Bot. Mus. 29 Chemistry 5 Allen-Heath (inclusive)  Sever 23 Henry-Whitehorn (inclusive)  Sever 24 Economics 2b Abrams-Kruger (inclusive)  Harvard 5 Lai-Zeo (inclusive)  Harvard 6 Engineering Sciences 5 Adelman-Larkin (inclusive)  Pierce 302 McCarthy-Wintringham (inclusive)  Pierce 307 English 39  Sever 5 Fine Arts 2c  Fogg Mus. Fine Arts 5g  Fogg Lect. rm. French 15  Sever 18 Geology 11  Foxcroft German 1c  Harvard 6 German 4  Emerson D Government 1 Mr. Whitmore's sects  New Lect. Hall Mr. Furber's sects  New Lect. Hall Mr. Shoup's sects  New Lect. Hall Mr. Wells's sects  Zool. Lect. rm. Government 7b  Emerson J Greek 8  Sever 18 History A2  Andover Lib. History 11 Achorn-Hartman (inclusive)  Sever 29 Higgins-Wister (inclusive)  Sever 30 History 36  Sever 18 History 51  Andover Mathematics D A-D  Sever 32 E-W  Sever 35 Mathematics II  Sever 32 Mathematics 3  Sever 36 Mathematics 6  Sever 36 Music 1a  Emerson A Philosophy 8  Emerson A Physics 4b  Emerson J Romance Philol, 5 hf  Emerson D Semitic 13  Sem. Mus. 3 Semitic 14  Sem. Mus. 3 Semitic 17  Sever 18 Slavie 1a  Sever 24 Social Ethics 16  Emerson J Spanish 2  Emerson A Zoology 3  Emerson D 2 P. M. English 41 Abbott-Hebenstreit  New Lecture Hall Heckscher-Monroe  Emerson D A. N. Moore-Rosenbloom  Emerson J Ross-Sundelor  Harvard 5 Satcliffe-Zutt  Harvard 6 Engineering School 9.15 A. M. Engineering 51 (Eng'g Sc. 5)  Pierce 302, 307 Engineering 120  Pierce 202 Engineering 150  Pierce 304 Engineering 210  Pierce 304 Engineering 222 (Phys. 4)  Emerson J Engineering 320  Pierce 304 EXAMINATIONS TOMORROW Anthropology 12  Emerson D Botany 4b  Emerson D Botany 13  Emerson D

semester fails to make any allowance for such a respite.

However conscientious and able a student may be, he cannot be expected to do himself justice in an examination which covers three to four months of work, without a fairly thorough review of that work before he is subjected to the test. Yet this semester not a few students will be asked to appear for one or two or even three examinations with practically no time for preparation, unless they attempt to carry on a review during the days and nights when they are expected to devote their attentions to daily class assignments.

Faculty members as well as students realize the injustice of asking a man to write an examination with perhaps only one evening to spend entirely on that one subject, unpressed by regular class duties, and both have expressed their sentiments clearly in this regard. The students had no share in making the new arrangements. On the whole, they probably favor a change in the opening date of examinations; but despite this occurrence, University officials should not make such a change entirely at the students' expense.

To hold examinations without providing some period in which to prepare may not only set an undesirable precedent, but will work a decided injustice upon many undergraduates in the University.  --The Michigan Daily.