Reprinted below are two authoritative statements, constituting the only sure basis on which to form opinions at the present time concerning the enrolment situation:

"The great increase which has recently taken place in the number of students at Harvard College, as at the other colleges, has brought up forcibly the problem of the limitation of enrolment. We have not at present sufficient class rooms or dormitories--especially freshman dormitories--to take care of any further large increase. This problem is really a group of problems, all difficult, some exceedingly difficult, and most of them needing for their settlement more facts than we now have. Before a general policy can, be formulated on this great question it must engage the attention of the governing boards and the faculties, and it is likely to be discussed by alumni and undergraduates. It is natural that with a widespread discussion of this sort going on, there should be talk about the proportion of Jews at the college.

"At present the whole problem of limitation of enrolment is in the stage of general discussion, and it may remain in that stage for a considerable time." --Issued by the University.

"President Lowell called on Speaker Young at his request (Saturday) because of the fact that certain orders had been resented in the House of Representatives asking for an investigation of some proposed changes in the method of admitting students to Harvard University.

"Speaker Young stated that he was informed by President Lowell that the only action officially taken or contemplated was the adoption of the following vote by the faculty:

"That a special committee be appointed by the president to consider principles and methods for more effectively sifting candidates for admission.

"Speaker Young further stated that in his personal opinion most of the discussion in the papers was based upon idle rumors and that Harvard would remain in the future, as it always has been in the past, a great university for all the people, based upon the fundamental principle of the greatest service to the community."   ---Issued by Speaker Young.