"For People Who Think"

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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:


Entirely apart from the issue, now universally under discussion, and speaking merely as an undergraduate without considering my connection with your paper I should like an opportunity of dispelling what illusions may have arisen in misinformed minds as a result of a news article in Saturday's "Boston American". This article was evidently largely based on remarks made or communications sent in by various Jewish students. I have sufficient proof for refutation, but space demanding brevity, I shall merely enumerate such statements as were untrue.

1. The statement declaring that Jews are discriminated against on athletic teams is a lie--as anyone who took the trouble to scrutinize Harvard's athletic history for the past few years would readily see for himself.

2. Again, the paper declared that--I quote its own culture word--the Harvard "flapper fans and road house roues" were anxious about the scholastic superiority of the Jews. I have no personal friends and few acquaintances who could aspire to the above complimentary description, but if any such exist they probably do not spend their time figuring out the alarming change in the percentage of Phi Beta Kappa membership.

3. It is stated that not a week passes without one of the "aforesaid scions of steel czars" etc, "figuring in some lurid scandal". Even if I obtained my statistics from the issues of the most thoughtful, clean, and public-spirited members of our Boston press, I think I could successfully prove that the inventor of this "line" has slightly over-reached himself.

4. Then there is the fiction--nothing else--about the meeting between five Jewish students and the representatives of the undergraduate publications. And while there were unofficial meetings between five Christians and five Jews, the former men have emphatically denied the "admissions" and promises of "sweeping abolitions" attributed to them.

5. But the statement that is most outrageous and amazing in its falseness is that which describes Professor R. B. Merriman as being at the head of "a drive against the Jewish", and as having been given "carte blanche" by President Lowell for this purpose. Such a gratuitous slander against one of the most liberal-minded and courageous members of the faculty is of course ridiculous, particularly when one reads that it was based on "information" imparted by a "Jewish student of high intellectual achievement, who asked that his name be not used as he feared it would jeopardize his scholastic standing"!

Screamings accusations devoid of any foundation on facts sensationalism for the sake of sensationalism for the sake of sensationalism, and mud-slinging for the mere joy of feeling the muck will sooner or later lose its force and its influence on the minds of the public--which is in the end really composed of "people who think", not of people who swallow.

Finally I must congratulate the contributing "Jewish student"--one who is so anxious for his academic opportunities as to wish to save them by slander, and so careful of his "scholastic standing" (?) as to hide behind the anonymity of the press! A shorter world for the above, whether or not in the Semitic dictionary's the uninspiring one of "cowardiee". The papers have recently been prolific of these statements by Jewish students, all equally irresponsible, anonymous, and untrue. Whatever the admirable qualities of the race, and the pure strain has many, they are being rapidly obliterated in the minds of sane people by the few Jew students responsible for these lies.

It can scarcely be wondered at that we find uncongenial men with those objectionable qualities now so painfully evident--of slandering an innocent person behind his back and then running away. Like the pretty sport of turning out the light before hitting a man below the belt. CHARLTON MAOVEAGH '24   46 Randolph Hall.