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With all preliminary details settled, the Harvard International Assembly will hold its first formal sitting this evening at 8 o'clock in the dining room of the Liberal Club, 66 Winthrop street. The questions to be discussed are (1) "The Status of the Island of Rhodes" and (2) "The International Traffic in Opium". The meeting will be open to all members of the University.

Due to the almost complete agreement reached among themselves by the members of the Committees on Investigation, it has been decided by the Secretariat to do away with the 48 hour adjournment originally planned upon, and to hold the entire debate on both questions this evening. The questions will be taken up and discussed singly, about an hour being allowed for each one.

Fifteen Nations Represented

Fifteen nations will be represented in the Assembly, Turkey being the only great power not to have a delegate. The complete list of representatives follows:

United States of America, S. T. Tyng 3L; Belgium, Mark Somerhausen 1G; Brazil, A. J. Byington Jr. '24; Canada, W. J. West 3L,; Great Britain, G. H. Guttridge 1G,; India, J. E. Asirvatham pr'P.S.; China, V. S. Phen 2G.; France, B. Sidbon-Beyda 1G.B.; Germany, Gerhart Jentsch 2G.; Greece, C. S. Pezas 1G.; Holland, J. N. Sevenster 1T.S.; Italy, Joseph Lazzaro 1G.; Japan, G. N. Tanikawa 1G.; Russia, H. I. Maximon 3E.S.; Sweden, B. G. Ohlin 1G.

When any question of the order of the precedence of the nations is raised, alphabetical order will be used, with the United States of America heading the list.

Committees on Investigation

The Committee on Investigation for the first question to be discussed, "The Status of the Island of Rhodes", is composed of Lazzaro and Pezas. For the second question, "The International Traffic in Opium", the members of the committee are Tyng, Guttridge, Asirvathem, Phen, and Tanikawa.

Immediately following the presentation of each question, the Assembly will debate and act upon the subject under discussion. After the Assembly has adjourned, a member of the Secretariat will take the chair to permit informal discussion by the audience of the questions considered by the Assembly.

The audience will be permitted to enter or leave the meeting at any time. For those who desire to hear only the discussion on the opium question, it is advised that this will be taken up at about 9 o'clock.

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