The University hockey team started, on Monday, a week of intensive preparation for the contest with Princeton next Saturday, January 13, at the Arena. Having had a thorough rest since the exceptionally strenuous game with Toronto University a week ago, the squad is in excellent condition with the exception of E. M. Beals Jr. '25, whose cut ankle is still bothering him considerably. From all present indications, however, he will be back in the line-up against the Orange and Black, and should be able to play the major part of the contest. This should materially strengthen the team, for, with Beals at center and Joseph Larocque Jr. '23 at right wing, F. S. Hill '24 can be shifted from right flank to substitute left wing, in which position, as a left-handed shooter, he normally fits best.

The Crimson sextet this year faces one of the most difficult of recent schedules, as well as one of the most interesting. The college games which have yet to be played are those with Princeton, on January 13 and February 24; Yale, on January 20 and March 3; Cornell, on February 17; and Dartmouth, on February 21. All of these teams have shown good work in their early practice sessions and contests.

Princeton Has Rink This Year

In recent years, Princeton has been severely handicapped by the necessity of practicing on outdoor rinks, where the quality of the ice is by no means certain. This winter, for the first time, the Tiger squad will have an opportunity to practice on artificial ice. This should vastly improve the strength of the team, which last year showed a great amount of latent power, but whose play demonstrated the effect of uncertain practice conditions.

The Yale team gives promise of being somewhat stronger than last year, when the University won both games. Captain Bulkley, Lindley, and Chisholm have demonstrated ability of no ordinary sort so far this year. Although defeated by the Saint Nicholas Hockey Club, of New York, by a narrow margin, the team has shown better coordination than it did last season.


The Dartmouth squad underwent hard practice during the Christmas holidays. While it has not yet played any scheduled contests, the material promises considerable strength, and the teamwork shown has been excellent. It will be interesting to watch the outcome of the Cornell-Dartmouth game next Saturday, as both teams are scheduled to play the University at a later date.

The Crimson sextet, led by Captain Owen, and directed by Coach Claflin, bids fair to come through this series of difficult encounters successfully. The return of five letter-men from a year ago has provided an excellent nucleus about which the team has been built. In addition to the regulars, Coach Claflin has at his command a very capable group of substitutes, among whom W. M. Austin '25, G. C. Guild '23; Nelson Cabot '24, P. W. Chase '25, and J. W. Hammond '25 are outstanding.