Copies Will be Posted Shortly--Three Types of Members Included--Men Omitted Will Have Opportunity to Become Enrolled

An official list of those who have a right to membership in the class of 1923, is now being compiled, and copies will shortly be posted in Memorial Hall, the Crimson Building, Sever Hall, Harvard Hall and similar places so that men who think they ought to be members may see whether they are registered.

The list is based on:

1. All men who entered with the class of 1923 in 1919.

2. All men classified permanently as in the class of 1923 since the fall of 1919.

3. If they so desire, all men taking their degree in 1923, although entering with another class, exclusive of the above, may be enrolled in the class, providing they have not otherwise registered. But these men must apply especially to be so enrolled.


4. Cases not included in the above are to be referred to the Secretary, B. DeL. Nash '23, Grays 11, and may be appealed over him to the Executive Board if desired.

These lists will appear shortly and office hours of the secretary will be announced later.