Union--Boat Club, League Leader, Favored to Win--Dixon Plays Peabody in Feature Match--Team B Meets Tennis and Racquet Club

Facing the Union Boat Club, the league leaders and last year's champions, at the University Squash Racquets Building this afternoon, the University squash racquets team will try to redeem an unsuccessful season and climb from last place in the league. Although the Boat Club has won all three matches before and is a favorite for this afternoon, the Crimson players, with a reorganized team, have hopes of victory.

Today will be the first opportunity this year for members of the University to see C. C. Peabody, Massachusetts and Canadian Squash Racquets champion, and National champion in 1920, play. He will meet W. P. Dixon '25 this afternoon at 3 o'clock in Court 14, in what promises to be the best match of the year to be seen at the University squash courts. Dixon has had a very successful season, playing excellent squash in all of his matches. Peabody plays a very soft game, seldom doing any hard-hitting.

Captain Hinkle Plays W. F. Howe

In court 14 at 4 o'clock Captain E. M. Hinkle '23 will play W. F. Howe, the famous Yale quarterback, whom he defeated last year. The rest of the University team has been changed to a large extent due to unavoidable absences of A. L. Smith '25 and the illness of Carroll Harrington '24. F. I. Carpenter '24 has been moved to number three, playing L. W. Marlow in court 7 at 3 o'clock. Harrington, who has been sick lately, has not fully recovered and is forced to play number four, meeting Captain C. J. Lenniham, a very expert player, at 4 o'clock in court 7. In the number five match at 4.30 o'clock in court 14, J. J. Glessner '25, who has been moved up from the second team, will play Bartlett Harwood.

Team B Meets Tennis and Racquet Club

Team B will try to improve its standing in the Team B league in its match with the Tennis and Racquet Club at the club's courts in Boston this afternoon. R. P. Rose '25 turned his ankle on Thursday and will not play his usual position at number one. R. C. Bostwick '23 has taken his place while E. K. Davis '24 is playing number two and E. M. Upjohn '24 number three. Alexander Mackay-Smith '24 has returned, after being sick all fall, and should help the team a great deal. J. H. Finley Jr. '26, the winner of the Team C tournament this week, is at number five.

Freshman Tournament Starts Today

The draw for the Freshman tournament was made yesterday and the first round matches will be started today. Sixty-four players entered the tournament. Entries for the Business, Engineering, Graduate, and Law Schools tournaments which start on Monday, close today.

The second round of the college tournament was finished yesterday, the favorites advancing without any great upsets. P. R. Pease '26 showed good form in defeating J. U. Harris '24, 15-7, 9-15, 15-8, while R. S. Wright '26 stopped Belden Wigglesworth '23, 18-16, 15-13. Dixon, Hinkle Carpenter, and Glessner came through the round without being extended. The third round must be played off by tonight