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Unless a men has at his disposal the facilities which enable him to become a "mysterious Mr. Smith" or "Anonymous '84", the one satisfactory way in which he can contribute a moderate gift to the University is by means of his Class Fund. Gifts of fifty dollars, or even two hundred and fifty dollars although always appreciated, do not stand up impressively by themselves; but when added together to make up the $100,000 present of each class in its twenty-fifth anniversary, these gifts form a very substantial part of the University's income.

It is with this purpose in mind that the Senior Committee has distributed pledge cards among the members of the class to organize a systematic contribution to the fund. It has been estimated that an average annual subscription of ten dollars from every contributor will make up the gift to the University and enough over to cover all class expenses. Naturally to maintain this average many larger subscriptions must come in.

Very few men in their Senior year can sit down and write out a substantial check to the Class fund. The gift must be in the nature of a dividend on the future, but it is a dividend that no one will begrudge.

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