Mid-Years Start at 9.15 Except Those Scheduled for 2 o'Clock--All to be Three Hours in Length--Late-Comers Must Secure Special Permission

The list of times and places of mid-year examinations for today and tomorrow in the College and Engineering School is printed below. Examinations begin at 9.15 A. M. except a few announced for 2 P. M.; and will be three hours in length.

The only courses in which classes have not stopped are Engineering 55, 120, and 200, which will continue through Wednesday, January 31.

According to regulations, any student who is not in the examination room within five minutes after the hour appointed for the examination will not be admitted without the permission of the instructor or of the officer in general charge of the examination.

It has also been ruled that no student shall be permitted to take any books or papers into the examination room except by the express direction of the instructor, and that no communication shall be allowed between students in the examination room on any subject whatever. TODAY Botany 10  Sever 5 Chemistry 12  Sever 29

Class. Philol. 33  Sever 29Comp. Literature 8  Emerson DComp. Literature 22  Sever 5Economics 9a  Emerson DEnglish E  Warren HouseEnglish 14  Sever 35Fine Arts 3a  RobinsonFine Arts 5n  Fogg Lecture-roomFrench 1, IV, V, VI  Emerson DGovernment 17a  Emerson DGovernment 18  Sever 18Greek GAnsell-Chrisman  Sever 29Dickson-Yang  Sever 30History 26  Sever 5Hist. of Religion 4  Emerson DLatin B, III  Sever 18Mathematics 10a  Sever 29Mining 7  Rotch BuildingMusic 4b  Emerson DPhysics C  New Lecture HallPhysics 3a  Sever 36TOMORROWAnthropology 7  Sever 24Anthropology 9  Peabody MuseumCeltic 1  Sever 17Chemistry AAmes-Curtis  Emerson ACushman-Olmstead  Emerson DOrringer-Sherman  Emerson FSimmons-Zizzamia  Emerson JChemistry 3Abel-Hurwitz  Sever 29Ingal-Wyatt  Sever 30Chemistry 21  Sever 5Economics 1aArmstrong-Hyatt  Sever 35Jackson-Yoder  Sever 36Economics 14  Sever 5Engineering 55a  Pierce 304Engineering 90  Pierce 304Engineering 95  Pierce 213Engineering 223  See Physics 4cEngin. Sciences 10  Harvard 5English 3a  Sever 11English 29a  Harvard 6Fine Arts 1cAbbott-Johnson  Fogg Lecture RoomKernan-Woodley  Harvard 1Fine Arts 22  Fogg MuseumFrench 7Badger-Lee  Sever 23Lincoln-Woodbury  Sever 24German 1b, I, II  Harvard 2German 5  Sever 5History 9  Emerson JHistory 24a  Sever 5History 32a  New Lecture HallLatin B. I. IIProf. Howard's sect. I  Sever 17Prof. Moore's sect. II  Sever 18Latin 1  Sever 18Mathematics 2, II  Zoological Lect. rm.Mathematics 5a  Zoological Lect. rm.Mathematics 12  Sever 6Mathematics 19  Harvard 5Metallurgy 4  Rotch Bldg.Meteorology 3  Geological Mus. 43Music 3a  Glee Club roomPhilosophy 7  Emerson DPhilosophy 13c  Emerson DPhysics 4c  Harvard 5Semitic 13  Sever 6Spanish 5  Sever 62 P. M.Latin 7 hf.  Sever