Nominations to be Made by Alumni Association and Petition--Will Eliminate Preliminary Vote by Mail--Actual Elections Come at End of Year

Only one postal ballot for choice of Overseers of the University will be taken this year, as a result of action of the executive committee of the Alumni Association, which was approved by the Governing Boards of the University. This does away with the preliminary postal ballot for nomination of Overseers.

Up to last year the Alumni Association, through a special committee, nominated each year 20 men for Overseers of the University. A postal ballot was then taken, the result of which reduced the number of candidates from twenty to ten. Finally, on Commencement Day, the election of five of these ten candidates took place at a polling place in the Yard. The final choice was thus entirely in the hands of those able to be in Cambridge at Commencement.

Graduates Able to Vote by Mail

As the result of a widespread movement among the graduates, particularly in the West, the rules were changed last year so as to provide that graduates could have their choice between casting their ballots in Cambridge at Commencement and voting by mail. The overwhelming majority voted by mail.

The new regulations, just adopted, provide that the Alumni Association shall nominate by February 15 at least twice as many candidates as there are places to be filled. This means in normal years at least ten candidates. Additional nominations may be made up to April 1 by petition signed by at least 200 graduates eligible to vote.