Professor Kittredge to Speak at 8 in Sanders Theatre--Lecture Will be Fourth of Dowse Series

Professor George Lyman Kittredge '82 will give the fourth lecture in his series on. "The five tragedies of Shakespeare" at 8 o'clock this evening in Sanders Theatre. The subject for tonight will be "King Lear".

The method of admission will be the same as that of the other nights. The doors will be thrown open at 7.55 o'clock in order to allow those who have not secured tickets to occupy any unfilled seats.

This course of lectures is provided for by the Dowse Institute, established for the purpose of supporting annually a course of lectures on literary or scientific subjects of a high order. Professor Kittredge will deliver the last of his talks next Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock in Sanders Theatre with "Hamlet" as his subject.