Springfield College Quintet Gains 31-26 Victory--Smith Stars for Crimson With 20-Points to His Credit--Marga and Berry Effective for Visitors

An early lead of 8-1 was not enough for the Freshman basketball team, who lost to the Springfield College Freshman on Saturday afternoon in the Freshman Gymnasium by a score of 31-26. After getting away to a good start a great spurt on the part of the visitors left the Crimson trailing at the end of the first half by two points a lead which they were never able to overcome.

Smith was again the individual star of the game, throwing six baskets from the floor and registering eight out of 14 free tries for a total of 20 points. His shooting was consistently accurate although his work from the foul line was not quite up to scratch.

Springfield had two exceptionally fine forwards in Marga and Berry. The former shot five baskets from the floor while the latter had three to his credit as well as nine goals after fouls.

The summary: HARVARD 1926  SPRINGFIELD 1926 Jones (capt.), Feist, r.f.  l.g., Elliot (capt.) Smith, l.f.  r.g., Ott Endicott, Rauh c.  c., Shater, Weeks Combs. Elberfeld r.g.  l.f., Marga Reed, l.g.  r.f., Berry

Score, Springfield 1926, 31. Harvard 1926, 26. Goals from floor. Monga K. Berry 3, Ott 2, Weeks, Smith 6, Jones, Rauh, Combs. Goals from foals, Barry S. Smith 3. Referee, McGuiness. Timekeeper, Howard. Time of halves, 20 minutes.