Tripling the score of its nearest competitor, winning seven out of eight first places, and making a clean sweep in the shop-put and 45-yard low hurdles, the Freshman track team last Saturday swamped two visiting Boston schools in the first meet of the season with a final score of 51 points. English High School registered five points in the 1000-yard run, won by McKillock, and captured enough second and third places to bring her total up to 17, while Boston Latin School took second in the 600 and last in the relay race for a score of four points.

There was only one event, the 40-yard dash, in which the Crimson runners did not win tow places. R. G. Allen '26 and W. R. Chase '26 were double winners and high individual scorers with a total of 11 1-4 points, both running in the relay.

Opponents Fall in Field Events

The schoolboys scored only tow points in the field events when Holze tied with J. H. Durgin '26 for second in the high jump. Neither of these men, however, approached S. B. Jones who outstripped them by over half a foot with a leap of five feet nine inches.

For the first lap of the relay race, English High School, with Captain McKillock carrying the stick, was about on even terms with the Freshmen, but, from then on, each Crimson runner increased the lead by over ten yards so that Allen, at anchor, broke the tape well in the lead.


The summary:

40-Yard Dash.--First heat.--Won by W. R. Chase (H); second, Daley (E). Time, 4 4-5a. Second heat.--Won by Harley (E); second Grunt (E). Time, 5s. Final heat.--Won by W. R. Chase (H); second, Daley (E); third, Harley (E). Time, 5s.

300-Yard Run.--Won by W. R. Chase (H); second, Hootstein (E); third, J. B. Broome (H) Time, 35, 4-5s.

600-Yard Run.--Won by R. G. Allen (H); second, Haggerty (L); third, J. C. McGlone (H). Time, 1m. 20s.

1000-Yard Run.--Won by McKillock (E); second, L. W. Grossman (H); third, H. R. Kobes (H). Time, 2m. 25 4-5s.

45-Yard Low Hurdles.--First heat.--Won by J. M. Potter (H). Time, 6 3-5a. Second heat.--Won by L. V. McMaster (H). Time, 6 2-5s. Third heat.-- Won by R. G. Allen (H). Time, 6s. No final heat.

High-Jump.--Won by S. B. Jones (H). 5ft. 9in.; second, tie between J. H. Durgin (H) and Holse (E), 5ft. 2in.

Shot-Put.--Won by M. A. Check (H), 42ft. 7in,; Second. P. F. A. Altmann (H), 37ft, 11 1-2in.; third, J. M. Potter (H), 37ft. 1 1-2in.

Relay Race (each man running 260 yards).--Won by Harvard (McGlone, Broome Chase, Allen); second, English (McKillock, Daley, Cullen, Hootstein); third, Latin (Govan, Higgins, Sullivan. ingoldsby), Time, 2m. 3s.