Will Hold Trials in Sanders Theatre at 7.30--Pierian Plans a Canadian Tour and Boasts 6000 Alumni

Singers, mandolinists, drummers,--any one who can sing or play some instrument, band or orchestral, will find an opportunity to compete at one of the try-outs for the four musical organizations of the University, three of which are being held tonight. Hundreds of men are expected to compete for either the Glee Club, Pierian Sodality Orchestra, Instrumental Clubs, or University Band.

Only the singing of the scale will be required of the men who appear at the try-outs for the University Glee Club in Sever 11 at 7 o'clock. The requirements have been limited to a single test, since Dr. A. T. Davison '06, director of the Glee Club, desires to retain all men whose voices show possibilities of improvement with instruction and practice.

The try-outs will be continued tomorrow and Thursday evenings. Contrary to previous announcement, the first rehearsal of the club will not be held until next Monday night at 7 o'clock in Sever 11, Dr. Davison will conduct.

Welcomes Orchestral Artists

Open to all members of the University are the preliminary try-outs for the Pierian sodality orchestra to be held at 7 o'clock in the Music Building. W. H. Piston '24 will conduct the try-outs.


A radical change in the type of the music to be played by the Pierian sodality Orchestra this season, according to Director Piston, will involve the use of music by contemporary composers to as great an extent as possible. A further effort will be made to play as many of those compositions as possible which have been composed by member of the University. A few classical numbers, especially those of Mozart, Mendelsohn, Shubert, and Beethoven, will be retained.

Will Introduce Soloists

In the past, with but few exceptions, soloists have not been placed on the program, but this year soloists, both vocal and instrumental, will take part.

Concert plans for the season are expected to include the usual fall schedule of performances in the various women's colleges. About December 10 an annual concert will be given in the public hall in Springfield.

Conada, including Montreal and Ottowa, seems to be the hope of Sodality officials for the Christmas tour, and it seems more than likely that this trip will take place, since invitations have been received for concerts in several Canadian cities.

An alumni association was formed last June, but active work toward its thorough organization was not begun until this fall. The activities of this graduate organization will be largely social. Recent estimates place the graduate membership of the Sodality at 6,000.

Instrumentalists Call for Players

Among the musical try-outs scheduled for tonight and tomorrow evening are those of the Instrumental Clubs, which includes the Banjo and Mandolin Clubs, Orchestra, and specialties. These trials will be held at 7 o'clock in the Music Building.

Solo playing and sight-reading will be required of each candidate and each will be tested individually. The management reports that cellists and men playing more than one instrument are the most scarce at present.

The second assistant managership competition, open only to Sophomores, which consists chiefly of the arranging for concerts, also begins tonight. In his Junior year the winner of the competition becomes assistant manager of the clubs and in his senior year, manager.

Regular practice for the clubs begins this Thursday.

Sanders Theatre is the testing ground for the candidates for the University Band. The band trials do not begin tonight but tomorrow evening at 7.30 o'clock, but trials will also be held Wednesday evening. All candidates will be given trials and rehearsals will begin immediately afterward. The management declares that there is especial opportunity for Freshman candidates who play wind basses, clarinets, and trumpets.

The band will play at the football games this fall and will march in the stadium between the halves. It will also accompany the team to Princeton

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