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"There have been, and there will be no cuts in the Freshman football squad this year" said Mr. T. J. Campbell '12, coach of the 1927 football team, when interviewed at his office at the Harvard Athletic Association on Saturday. "If the Freshman squad becomes smaller, as it undoubtedly must, it will not be because men have been cut from the squad, but because they have been transferred to other squads.

"I should like to have that very plainly understood. When a coach is confronted by a squad of between 100 and 180 candidates, it is absolutely essential that he reduce it to a wieldy size before he can begin effective work. In doing this it is impossible to judge each man by his intrinsic value; a coach must be guided largely by the previous experience of the candidate, or the immediate impression which he makes."

May be Restored to First Squad

Mr. Campbell went on to explain that this rough but very essential method of reducing a squad always sent many unknown quantities to the lower squads. This year these lower squads, the Dormitory football squads will be under the direct supervision of Mr. Campbell. The Dormitory coaching staff, consisting of Arthur Anthony '24, B. S. Cogan '23, E. D. Hamilton '23, and J. P. Hubbard '25--all ex-members of the first of second University squads will report to him regularly on the progress of men in their squads, and when advisable recommend restoration to the first Freshman squad. At the end of the interdormitory series, an all dormitory team will be chosen to scrimmage the first team, and in all probability, a few men on the dormitory team will be taken up to the first Freshman squad, just as in the past a few men have been promoted from the second squad to the first University at the end of the season.

Freshman Squad Numbers 74

At present the Freshman squad is made up of the following 74 men;

Ends, E. H. Bailey, O. Bret, D. H. Campbell, R. Coolidge, J. R. Dean, H. L. Harris, J. L. Keleher, B. L. Kilgour, J. N. Robinson, S. S. Rudman, F. M. Sedgwick; A. B. Smith S. V. R. Strong, O. S. Sughrue, C. H. Weymer, A. Weisman, C. I. Wild.

Tackles; Browning, F. L. Daley, A. Donald, J. M. Gates, H. H. Hack, J. R. Harrison, A. Lemmon, G. Platt, C. Whitman, G. C. Young.

Guards; A. Arthur, J. C. Bickford, C. E. Bohlen, A. F. Bruen, L. J. Colby, S. H. Hallowell, J. D. Hitch, W. B. Locke, R. Porter, R. S. Savory, E. T. Sexton.

Centers; S. Bond, E. D. Cole, H. F. Mills, L. E. Noble, J. Q. Rosencrantz, C. S. Smith, H. R. Wood.

Quaterbacks; W. P. Ellison. S. W. Elton, C. R. Trazier, C. Gross, N. Hamlen, N. S. Hesse, R. S. Scott, M. Smith.

Backs O. H. P. Baldwin, H. Brown, J. C. Burke, M. H. Clifford, C. Coady, G. Day, L. Govan, W. Howard, D. J. Kepner, E. L. Lightburn, A. H. Miller, J. K. Morris, H. G. Phelps, K. C. Powning, a. Sayles, H. H. Saxe, G. Stewart, S. V. R. Strong, L. Tobin, F. W. Weich, I. Zarakov

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