Yale Calls for New Song and Even Irving Berlin May Compete

The muses have stubbornly refused to inspire any of the Yale undergraduates with a college hymn worthy of replacing the present ancient but discredited song "Bright College Years". From the piles of manuscripts of words and music handed in last spring by members of the Yale student body in competition for an anonymous prize of $1,000 offered for a new Yale song of the anthem type, nothing could be found that seemed worthy either of Yale or a thousand dollars. So the authorities have been forced to turn to more inspired circles for a chorus that will supplant "For God, for Country, and for Yale".

The Yale Alumni Advisory Board, under whose direction the award is to be made has announced in the current issue of the Yale Alumni Weekly that the prize will be put in competition for a second time.

The first part of the competition, which starts immediately, is for words only, and is open only to Yale Alumni. But later, when the winning words have been chosen, they will be published and a second competition for a musical setting will be started. Although the details of this competition will not be announced by the Committee until the first of January, it is believed that it will be open not only to Yale men but to the public at large.