With every section in the stadium already sold out for the Holy Cross game by Tuesday night, the 4,000 reserved in the colonnade were snapped up yesterday by the crowds that jammed the H. A. A. ticket office from 2.30 until late in the afternoon.

As the supply of reserved seat tickets at the H. A. A. and the Boston sporting goods stores dwindled yesterday. Speculators became increasingly active. Although no ticket manipulators were detected in Cambridge, several have already taken up their positions on the sidewalks outside the entrances of the various Boston stores at which tickets had been exhausted.

In an effort to forestall these speculators, Mr. F. W. Moore, graduate treasurer of the H. A. A. announced yesterday that he intended to keep a steady supply of tickets going out from the authorized sources. With reserved seats exhausted it has become therefore necessary to put rush seats on sale today and tomorrow as well as on Saturday.

Eighteen hundred unreserved seats for the eleven rows of wooden stands built this week on the curve of the track in the bowl end of the stadium will go on sale today. Tomorrow, 8,000 of the 12,000 rush seats in the wooden stands will be disposed of. The remaining 4000 admissions will probably be held for sale on the day of the game at the gate.

In making arrangements for handling the 48,000 spectators that will jam Boylston street on Saturday afternoon, Mr. Howard Parker, director of athletic equipment, has drafted a set of special traffic regulations similar to those enforced at the large games large fall. The full statement of the traffic regulations announced by Mr. Parker is as follows:

The gates on North Harvard Street are numbered for the Anderson Bridge 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. All season ticket and H. A. A. holders should enter a Gate No. 1. Special auto passes will enter through Gate No. 13 which is the first gate on the Speedway next to Gate No. 1. Admission tickets will be sold only at Gate No. 3. Reserved seat tickets will be sold only a Gate No. 5. All holders of reserved sent tickets purchased in advance should enter at Gate No. 4 but no tickets will be on sale at Gate No. 4. Persons parking cars on the Metropolitan Parkway in Brighton may enter either through the pedestrian gate at the southwest corner of Soldiers Field or through the gate opposite the Newell Boat House on the northwest side of the field.

Automobile traffic will be handled as follows:

After 1.00 P. M., Boylston Street, Cambridge, the Anderson Bridge an North Harvard Street, Brighton will be closed to automobile traffic from Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge to Western Avenue, Brighton.

The only automobile gates admitting to Soldiers Field will be on the Metropolitan Parkway at the southwestern corner of the field. These may be reached from Boston by Commonwealth Avenue to Brighton Avenue, to Union Square, Allston, to North Beacon Street, to Everett Street, to Soldiers Field. Cars coming from Watertown and Waltham should come via North Beacon Street, to Everett Street, to Soldiers Field. One side and the middle of Allston Bridge will be opened for traffic.

Taxis and other automobiles which do not park, if coming through Brighton may unload their passengers at the corner of North Harvard Street and Western Avenue, about 200 yards form Gate No. 5. If coming via Cambridge by the Parkway from Boston, they will be required to unload and turn at DeWolf Square on the Parkway, about 300 yards below the Anderson Bridge on the Cambridge side.

After the game all cars parked in the field and on the Boston Parkway west of North Harvard Street must leave by the Parkway westward.

The police request the Harvard management to warn automobilists who leave their cars not to leave them in charge of the numerous boys who offer to "mind you car" as many thefts have occurred in this way