Tension in Fisher's Camp Yesterday Resembled Day Before Yale Game--Coaches Dashed up Field in Gray Hoods

The last practice of the University football team before its much discussed encounter with Holy Cross today suggested in many respects the last tense day before the Yale game at the end of the season.

There were the final scrimmages,--team A against team B, and then against the second team. Then came the last few kick-offs, in which Russell Hubbard '24, flanked by the grey hooded coaches, booted the ball into the midst of the waiting team A. Head Coach Fisher, and his assistants Mahan, Soney, Woods, Owen, Kane, Buel, Trumbull, and Dr. Parmenter,--the last with the never-missing pipe in his mouth--charged down the field under Hubbard's kick, and made up in noise what they lacked in numbers.

Another feature of yesterday that was suggestive of the end of November was the announcement that George M. Laimbeer '26, a 215 pound guard had been raised from the second squad to the University ranks.

And today, with the stadium crowded to the last available seat, with people crowding the roof of the colonnade, and jamming the extra seats built on the track, with the atmosphere tense with excitment, and both teams fighting their utmost, there will be little to distinguish this from the final game of the season, save the purple jersies of the Holy Cross team in place of the Bulldog blue.