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At 11.40 last night all Cambridge that resides in the vicinity of the Lampoon was startled by two crashes, heard in quick succession, followed by the tinkle of broken glass.

A Ford sedan coming along Mt. Auburn Street from the direction of Boylston Street had met at the dangerous corner of Mt. Auburn and Plympton Streets, just behind the Lampoon, a Chevrolet runabout coupe being driven from the opposite direction. The driver of the Ford attempted to make the left hand turn to avoid a collision, but the car, going at a speed beyond his control, struck the sidewalk at a slant and turned on its side. The driver of the Chevrolet, crowded on the small seat by another lady and two men, had jammed on her brakes in a futile effort to stop. But the wheels skidded and the motor swung to the right and up onto the side-walk until it came to a rest under the windows of the corner book shop.

No known alarm clock could have raised such a crowd of students so instantaneously, for in less than two minutes after the crash the scene of the accident was surrounded by a truly motley crowd anxious to assist the victims. Fortunately the toll was slight, the driver of the Chevrolet being the only person to appear even shaken up, while to the spectators' utter astonishment, five men sound in body and mind crawled one after another from the tonneau of the Ford.

And it was the lighter, more active car that emerged triumphant. For while the Chevrolet suffered a broken front axle and wheel the Ford when righted appeared, but for a few broken windows, ready and eager for the road again.

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