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A continued drizzle yesterday afternoon upset again Coach Fisher's plans for an intensive week of practice before the Dartmouth game on Saturday, and he was forced to content himself with an hour's scrimmage with a slippery ball in the mud outside the stadium.

This was the first hard workout that the team had had since its game with Holy Cross on Saturday. And the defiencies displayed by the team yesterday afternoon showed that it will take hard, driving drill this afternoon and Friday if the team is to be welded into an effective machine by Saturday. The line charged weakly and failed to open up the second team line, and the backfield seemed equally ineffective on the offense.

However a scrimmage under weather conditions such as those prevailing yesterday indicates but little as to the true ability of the team. The sun, a dry field, and a hard day's scrimmage are all necessary before one can pass competent judgement on the team.

In yesterday's workout team A lined up against the seconds for about fifteen minutes defensive play. Crosby and Hill were at the ends of the line, Dunker was at one tackle, while Evans was still replacing Eastman at the other. The guards were Hubbard and Grew and Bradford was at centre. In the backfield were Howe, Cheek, and Hammond, with Lee calling the signals.

The defensive practice was brief. Then the team shifted to the offense.

For 45 minutes the team fought for first downs against the seconds, coming back to the 50 yard line each time they approached within striking distance of the scrub goal line.

One of the early substitutes was McGlone, who quarterbacked the team for almost half an hour. Although McGlone is now practically recovered from his injury he may be handicapped during the rest of the season by his loss of scrimmage experience during his enforced absence. But although it is practically certain that Lee will start the game on Saturday, McGlone will probably be sent in for a while, as also will Mosely, who has been showing up well in practice recently.

Later in the scrimmage Howe slipped in the muddy field and was forced to leave the game with minor injuries. Whether or not he will be able to start on Saturday is as yet uncertain, although Dr. T. C. Richards believes that Howe's injuries are slight. He was replaced in the scrimmage by Samborski.

Among other casualties were Greenough, Kernan, Spalding, and Eastman none of whom participated in today's scrimmage. This fact, coupled with the injury of Howe makes it impossible to predict as yet the lineup for Saturday's game.

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