Last Day of Collecting Brings Over $1000-Last Thousand Will be Raised from Graduate Schools

Finishing its campaign with a day which netted over $1000, the Phillips Brooks House financial drive reached and passed its $4000 quota after four and one-half days of soliciting. This is the first drive in many years that has reached its quota without several cleanup campaigns.

The daily record of the campaign shows that in the two hours of collecting on Wednesday $600 cash was taken in, Thursday brought in $900, raising the total to $1500. Friday brought the total to $2200 in cash and on Monday night, the $3000 mark was reached. With but one more day to go, the possibility of reaching the quota, seemed impossible, but effort brought in more than the necessary $1000 yesterday, and the drive went over the $4000, mark.

The $1000 to be subscribed by the graduate schools will be collected during this month, and will be turned in by the secretaries of the Graduate Schools committees.

All the money collected will be used during the coming year for the social service work of the Phillips Brooks House.

Gardner Cowles Jr. '25, treasurer of the Philips Brooks House Association, was in charge of the campaign, while the three district chairmen were G. P. Baker Jr. '25, the Yard; W. L. Boyden Jr. '25, Mount Auburn; and Morrision Mills '25, the Freshman dormitories. Eightyfour collectors solicited funds.